Agile / Project Management

The 21st century saw a rapid rise in use of the Agile Project Management methodology, particularly for software development projects and other IT initiatives. 

A specific Agile Project Management framework that has evolved in more recent years is Scrum. This methodology features a product owner who works with a development team to create a product backlog, a prioritized list of the features, functionalities and fixes required to deliver a successful software system. 

​Our team engages in:

  1. Planning Meeting at the start of the project.  High priority items are discussed between the owner of the project and the team.  The team commits to clearing backlog on priority basis.
  2. Daily standup meetings are conducted to decide on plan of action for the day and deliverables at the end of each day.  We also go over the previous day’s commitment and resolve all pending issues.
  3. Then the day’s priority along with the plan as per A as well action plan as per B are adhered to ensure that the project deliverables are met as per deadlines.

Tools such as Backlog documentation, burndown charts are used heavily in our process.

Web / Mobile Technologies

We work closely with you, our Customer, and create an approach map which helps in a seamless overlay of our service / module into your existing business process. This is done through a set of calibrated steps.

  • Definition: A clear understanding of our customer’s requirements.
  • Process mapping: Involves a study of existing processes and creation of a specification / requirements document.
  • Work flow: Documents the details of the development flow giving a clear picture of the milestones of the project.
  • Development: The actual build of the module / project.
  • Implement: The developed module / project is deployed at customer location and tested thoroughly.
  • Support: Provide continuous support for the build as well as any enhancements as required.