Project Staffing

What IT leaders want from an IT services provider is simple: no nonsense guidance and support to get work done faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively as the marketplace evolves and the stakes rise. They seek a partner that understands their needs and will get in the trenches to get the job done, in a way that works best for them

With high demand for IT talent, there is a lot of competition and many Customers find it difficult to attract and retain the top technical professionals.

We at HuMetis undertake a detailed step by step approach to Technical staffing, our process includes:

Requirement analysis: A thorough understanding of the requirements and the extent of role played by the consultant.

Sourcing: We have a very large database of industry contacts that are able to point us to the right resource. Our resourcing has a combined 35 years of recruitment experience in the US markets.

Retention: We recognize that human resource is the key to our success and therefore we have processes established to nurture creativity within our consultants, evoke technical challenges and provide learning opportunities. Because of this our employee retention is substantially higher than the industry benchmark.