Permanent Staffing

Have you realized your employees are your competitive advantage?

We believe that at the most fundamental level an organization’s employees are its competitive advantage. It is the collective intelligence, acquired skills and culture weaved by the people that provide a company with the cutting edge in a crowded marketplace.  Our goal is to help you focus on key strategic initiatives that require extensive employee engagement while we help you find the right talent to fuel your company’s future growth.

HuMétis Technologies has been helping customers like you fulfill your organizational needs by providing permanent staffing solutions that work. Our solutions replace outmoded, time consuming and expensive processes with the most current, efficient, agile and economical ways to successful talent acquisition. Over the years we have acquired a vast database of talented professionals and have perfected the process of identifying the right individual who can help you meet your business objectives.

Mapping our client’s needs: Humetis Approach to permanent staffing

Key Features:

  1. Higher productivity and reduced time and effort: You no longer have to sift through innumerable number of resumes. We will source, validate, network and assess the right candidates’ for you from our vast network of IT professionals across domains. 
  2. Wide choice of IT professionals: We encourage our customers to leverage our vast network of IT professionals that is second to none in the industry. With us you don’t just settle for “a candidate” you enthusiastically look forward to a working relationship.
  3. Process: We are process driven and therefore are able to scale our operations to meet diverse client needs. This enables us to quickly respond to our client’s need while delivering our services at very economical prices.